Wednesday, March 19, 2014

New art! Bluebottle

 Here's my newest painting, "Bluebottle"!  The Common Bluebottle is a butterfly native to parts of Asia and Australia.  I just love the neon green-blue hues of this butterfly’s wings, so I painted this fairy whose wings were inspired by the wings of the Bluebottle butterfly, also known as the Blue Triangle.  I have painted her in a dark forest surrounded by tree roots and branches, an eerie blue glow shining through the dense trees.

Prints are always less expensive from my site since I don't have to pay a bunch of other companies to sell on my website!  8x10s are on sale for $9.99 and 13x19s are on sale for $19.99!

Prints of this painting starting at $9.99 HERE

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Of course I understand that some people really like to be able to leave feedback and get help from a third-party if they need it, so I have the prints for sale on my eBay and Etsy shops as well!

8x10 prints for $10.99 on eBay HERE

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8x10 prints for $10.99 on Etsy HERE

13x19 prints for $20.99 on Etsy HERE

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