Sunday, December 11, 2011


Oh man, it has been so long since I sat down and actually posted anything here. I have just been so busy. I always get a lot of commission requests during the holidays, and usually it is for smaller stuff that doesn't take very long. This year it has been massive stuff and I've had to stop taking the small stuff. I can't wait for my break at the end of the month, since I still have some projects to finish from before Wolfie was born. I know, what?!? In some cases I have clients who have gone MIA on me and in others they just said, hey, it's cool, take all the time you need. I love it when people are so accommodating, but it also makes it too easy to be a slacker about it. I definitely don't feel that I have been slacking this year though. I still managed to complete around 40 new paintings, tackle a new medium, change a number of business things, release some new products, sign a number of new licensing deals, oh, and I had a baby. I also started at least 150 paintings, which I still have all the sketches for. Some of them will eventually see the light of day, others I'll deem aren't as deserving and will either get re-worked or tossed.

In addition to commissions and a crazier than usual Christmas rush, I've painted a number of new seasonal paintings this year and though I am still working on some, they won't be released until next year. There isn't enough time now for me to get them done and released and for people to order them, so I will hang onto them for next year. I am debating shutting down the Christmas and Halloween-themed sections of the site until appropriate dates next year. The pieces are all in other sections of the site as well, so I just might.

I'm also excited for the break so I can clean the studio and get inventory figured out. I know, how crazy. But it's a mess right now and I'm hoping to get a better system in place.

I'll also be working on some cool new projects for next year. Among them will probably be a new portfolio book, 2013 calendars (yeah, already), and possibly a coloring book. I was hoping to release a portfolio book this year, but I just didn't have time to put something so big together.

In other news, my son is 9 months old now. I don't know how it can be that we are only 3 months away from his first birthday. That seems like crazy-talk, but there it is. He is starting to get really interesting now and we are having a lot of fun playing with him. He talks a little bit and is starting to walk. He can stand up almost reliably on his own, crawls when he absolutely has to, and has almost figured out how to climb out of his play pen despite its 3' walls. God help us.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Dec. 9th Newsletter

December 9th, 2011 - Tiffany's Realm Update
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Hi everyone! The holidays are upon us, and Tiffany is still in the studio cranking out Christmas pieces. Will she ever stop? No one knows... (hee hee)

We're sticking with this simplified newsletter for now. The new year may see a new newsletter layout - who knows?

* First things first, Miss Klutz managed to break her toe on Monday, so orders are a little delayed. You would think a broken toe would stop hurting eventually... nope. Please order early! We can never guarantee shipping, but we do our best to make sure everything arrives before Christmas! And now we are running a little behind schedule since Miss Klutz needs to take frequent breaks.

* The $15 Big Print Sale ends TODAY. These are 12"x16", full-color prints that originally retailed for $30, and we're selling them for $15, but only until midnight tonight! Then they go away FOREVER. These are on crazy good archival paper, printed with archival ink, and they are gorgeous.

* Miss Klutz has also added a new section to the site, specifically for the series of moon faeries she has been working on: How many moon faeries will she paint? There is talk of an entire calendar in 2013 (help us).

* Miss Klutz has also added a new painting to the site, and should have another one done tonight which you will be able to locate in the aforementioned "Moon Faeries" gallery. Sugarplum Moon is available here:

* Greeting card selections have been updated and all greeting cards, including six packs, are on sale!

* PRINT PACKS: One new print pack has been added to the site. It includes TEN 8"x10"s of retired fantasy art, two 5"x7"s of retired fantasy art, and a 2011 calendar, which is signed and numbered! This is a value of over $150 for, drumroll please, $24.95! Supplies are limited and this won't be around for long. Plus gift wrapping for this pack is discounted by 50% until the 18th!

* eBAY SALES: There's a ton of prints up on auction in the eBay shop too, most at half off or more, and a bunch of originals and sketches to boot. All of those can be found in the "other" and "originals" sections of the eBay store:

* Plus, just about everything in the Christmas/Yule art section is on sale ( and just in case we left anything out, you can always browse the New Products ( on our site.

* DECEMBER 18TH IS THE LAST DAY TO ORDER FOR CHRISTMAS. We will be processing, printing and packing orders through the 21st, and in most cases orders should still arrive in time for Christmas if they are shipped on the 21st, but they may not so please order by the 19th at the very latest. We will be taking orders until 2 PM Pacific Time on the 21st.

* We will be closed from 2 PM Pacific Time on the 21st until the morning of January 4th. Miss Klutz needs a break (pun intended), will be traveling, will probably read some books, paint some pictures, and oh yeah, inventory management. What a lucky girl. Orders placed during the break will be processed, printed, packed, and shipped on January 4th, but you are still welcome to order during the break.

* FOR INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS: In most cases, as long as you order by December 12th your order should arrive in time for Christmas. Occasionally, things get caught in customs and may arrive late. We cannot guarantee delivery at any time of the year, but it usually takes about 10 business days. You may have to pay import taxes - we do not pay them and they are not our responsibility. Thank you!

* We will happily combine your Tiffany's Realm site and eBay store purchases into one shipment!

* GIFT WRAPPING SERVICE GOES AWAY AT MIDNIGHT ON THE 18TH. While we will still be processing orders the 19th-21st, there will not be time to gift wrap anything at that point if we want to get things out the door in time for possible Christmas delivery.

Thanks so much! Miss Klutz & co.


I can't wait for the break later this month. It looks like a tornado selectively struck the studio, and I suspect it will only get worse before we stop shipping for the year. Argh. It is particularly hazardous with a broken toe. I keep stubbing it on all kinds of things. Plus the cats keep knocking things down. Kittens are cute, but man are they trouble. Alright, back to work I go.