Thursday, October 10, 2013

Oracle Deck Kickstarter: Part 1

I am not sure just yet how many parts this series of blog entries will have, but I've been asked by several people to share some tips and insight now that my first self-published oracle deck is a real, tangible thing.

I've been asked specifically where I got the cards printed.  I had a very unhappy experience with the company I used, and even though they fixed it, I won't be ordering from them again.  The company that I used was Printer's Studio (  They make it sound as if they are based in the United States, but they are not.  They are based in China and much to my dismay, my cards arrived from China.  They did a great job, but the problem with this is that I may end up having to pay import taxes and I wasn't expecting or planning to do that.

They also packaged everything very badly.  The first box they sent disintegrated during transit and arrived missing around 30 or more decks of cards, with several decks damaged.  After several late-night calls from China, they promised to send me another box of cards in time for DragonCon.  They did do this, and I was very happy with the product, but I am still miffed about the sneaky importing and feel that they are intentionally lying and presenting themselves as if they are made in America.  I also was not able to order boxes for my cards from them, which meant I had to go to another company for that.  I would have rather worked with fewer companies, but the shipping charges were already steep (now we know why) so it's probably a good thing given how it all turned out, that I worked with someone else for the other components.

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