Saturday, November 3, 2012

Long Time No See!

Recently I've been thinking about resurrecting this blog and using it for posts that are a little more personal.  I don't always want to detail everything that is happening at, but I know sometimes people are curious.

Yesterday I photographed all of our cards for this year's holiday season.  I try to make sure they can be used for Christmas or Yule, but I don't really have any cards for Chanukah or Kwanzaa.  I might try to do that next year.

This year we could only offer six designs.  Last year I handmade them as they were ordered, so I could print a variety of cards, but it was very time consuming and they were expensive to make.  This year we decided to order them from a card printing company, which meant we could only pick a few designs to keep it affordable.  See, when you order things that are custom printed, the fewer you order the more expensive they are per item.  If we could afford to order 1,000 at a time we could probably sell them for $1 and make a ton of profit, but we would only be able to buy one design and then we'd have them around forever.

Instead we ordered very small quantities of cards and only six designs, that way we could have a variety but have enough to make packs out of.  The printer sent us way more than we ordered of some designs, though, so some of the cards will probably not sell out.
They did a really nice job on them, though, and I like these a lot more than the handmade cards.  The handmade cards were nice, but they were two pieces of paper.  These are one piece.

I also got a new tablet for drawing on this week.  I use a digital tablet for drawing into the computer, and for almost seven years I have used the same one.  I really wanted one with a screen in it, and last year when the Cintiq 24HD came out my parents offered to help me get one (there was no way I could get it while still paying for the Million Dollar Baby Boy).  Earlier this month there was finally enough money saved up so I ordered it.  After a lot of shipping problems and the first one getting lost and returned to Wacom, I finally got mine on Thursday.

It is almost as big as my desk and I haven't really gotten to use it yet.  I am a little afraid to touch it but I'm hoping this weekend I'll get some time to use it.  I'm always like this when I get a new tablet, sort of hesitant and afraid of it.  Hopefully I'll get over it quickly, I miss painting!

Here are the pieces we released yesterday for our first November update:

These are all for sale at, of course.  :)

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