Sunday, March 24, 2013

Facebook vs. Kickstarter

I've noticed that my links to my Kickstarter campaign are only getting a fraction of the views my other posts, even links, are getting on Facebook.  I don't know why they would, but I suspect Facebook has put something funky into their algorithm to purposely knock down the relevancy of links leading to outside sites that sell things.  As such, a lot of people don't even know about the Kickstarter and it's just not getting the support that I thought it would get from my fans.  So for now I will try bypassing Facebook's dumb algorithm by posting the link in a blog post.  Ta da!

This is what September will look like in the 2014 calendar, minus date boxes since I always do all of that very precise work last.

Here's more views of this newest painting, "Portal to Atlantis", and the Kickstarter information: Click here to go to my Kickstarter

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