Saturday, October 8, 2011


This week has been so crazy I don't even know where to start, and I'm only really here because I need to get rid of some junk-thoughts.

We are remodeling... again. This is probably it for the rest of the year. Once this is done the entire interior will be done with paint, leaving only the trim outside and the garage doors to paint next spring. We've got new kitchen lights so the mismatched flourescent fixtures are gone, the linoleum is completely gone and replaced with tile, new baseboard is going up, and the back hall closet is being made over. It no longer looks like someone had a cage fight with an angry raccoon wearing 2 pairs of black-rubber-soled sneakers in my laundry room, and pretty soon all the holes along the bottom of the wall will be covered over by the baseboard. It's crazy how many scuff marks, scratches, holes and dents were behind the dryer. I don't even understand how it could have gotten that way, unless the mutant raccoon cage fight I mentioned before was a real thing.

My husband also mused that it could have been the time out corner for a very troubled child. I am not sure a child that troubled should be given time out or appeased with offerings of human sacrifice.

We'll also have a remodeled bathroom, so then both of the bathrooms will be redone. I have never seen a house with worse bathrooms than this house had, and the master "suite" was more like a bedroom with a hallway attached that someone had thrown bathroom fixtures into. It had a door at both ends and a pygmy shower you couldn't wash your feet in because your butt would hang out the shower door, but it was actually the better bathroom of the two. The other was not-so-lovingly nicknamed "the truck stop bathroom", and no one used it unless they were planning on crop-dusting it with last night's Mexican dinner.

I am quite possibly the most spoiled artist in the world right now. My grandpa has done most of the work by himself and has paid for most of the materials to do it as well. I am not sure why he likes me so much but I feel pretty lucky to have him. I think he's hoping it will help us sell the house (hard to imagine it wouldn't) so we can move back to where he lives. I don't want to move right away, because I want to enjoy our basically new house a little bit while it's not in construction, but I am also anxious to get back to Washington. I will miss our friends here pretty badly, but I don't like anything about Montana.

And of course while all of this renovation insanity is taking place, I am tucked away in the studio trying to keep up or maybe just not get as far behind as if I just gave up entirely for a week. I don't think I am keeping up by a long shot. I need to invoice and pack orders and I can't even believe I have orders to pack. It seems like I did so much this week there can't possibly be more work to be done, right?!? Hah. There is always more to be done.

I have been putting dog tag necklaces I made up on Etsy, and last night we finally got the canvas printer running canvas prints and now I have a ton of canvas prints to deal with, but they look freakin' sweet. There's also going to be some 1 of 1 hand-embellished ACEO/ATCs and who knows what else? I hope there is a nap somewhere in there too. I'm beat.

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