Saturday, September 10, 2011

New eBay Store

A few months ago I decided to close my eBay store and try out Etsy for a little while. Even without my eBay store and just putting up the occasional auction, I was still making more at eBay, so I decided to re-open it! I haven't put much in it since I opened it, but today I spent quite a bit of time putting things up. And there are things on sale! I also put some new stuff on my site.

Let's start with eBay:

I just put up a TON of these matted mini prints. Normally they only go to shows, but a huge box of these was forgotten when we left for our only show this year, so I thought we'd put them online for our online customers who never get a chance at a fresh batch!

Click here to view all of them!

OR click HERE to view all of them PLUS a few that I only had one left of on my site!

And I've been adding all the prints from my website to my eBay store, in 4 different sizes. There's a sale on the 12"x16" prints, so they are half off. We don't normally carry that size anymore, but we found a bunch of packaging and paper that size, so we're printing these to order.

I've added all the work from the "dragons" gallery on my site, and I'm working on getting all the work from the "faeries" gallery up but I think the rest will have to wait till tomorrow!

Click here to see all the dragon prints, including sale prints!

Of course, all of the artwork mentioned above, plus more, is available at my website right now!

I don't think I'll get much time to paint this weekend. I need to update Wholesale Fantasy Art and get it all ready to go, design and order promotional postcards for WFA, and I'm not even sure what else! When I wasn't working today my hubby and I made naan bread and slow-cooker pulled pork. It was delicious. Now we're watching Buffy, uploading eBay stuff, and I think very soon I might go take a nice hot bubble bath... or something.

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