Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Remodel Mission

We've been remodeling around here, again, which is really not unusual. My husband bought this house just a few short months before we met, and while he thought it was a great man cave, I obviously had, uhm, different feelings about it. We have, with the help of family members, taken out wood paneling, demolished two bathrooms, replaced one (the other is a work in progress), painted, repaired, refinished the kitchen (it's amazing what paint and new drawer pulls can accomplish), put in a garage floor, and put a safety wall around the outdoor staircase to the cellar.

This time we replaced the flooring. I always forget to take "before" photos. It's not like anyone really wants to see the stinky, dirty, nasty, faded, gross, and did I mention dirty, nasty, stinky, faded, and gross with a capital OH MY GOD what is that tremendous stench, carpet? We now have laminate wood flooring throughout the house with new tile in the work-in-progress bathroom and around the fireplace. Next time we'll put the same tile in the kitchen and dining area, laundry room and by the back door. There's also quite a bit of it near the front door, which is awesome because last winter the mud was insane around here and a lot of the damage to the carpet happened because of that. The sparks flying out of the stove and catching it on fire didn't help much, either.

Of course thanks to all the remodeling, it looks like a truck from that Hoarders show blew up in my living room. So I'm probably going to spend a pretty good chunk of the next week, maybe two, or three (dear God please no, I will be better I promise) reorganizing and cleaning our house. There is only one thing I hate more than getting paint in my latte, and that is cleaning.


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