Thursday, August 25, 2011


A couple days ago we accidentally knocked the internet out at my house. We're still remodeling and a breaker blew and killed the modem. My husband, nerdy as he is, is the only one who knows how to make it turn back on. It is very particular about how it is plugged in, or something, and no matter how hard I tried it wouldn't work until he got home from work and fixed it. I did get pretty far on a new painting though!

Today I am hoping to finish that painting above, but more importantly I am trying to get all the artwork up on Wholesale Fantasy Art so we can have our grand opening in September. I'm excited about it all. Katherine Rose Barber will be our featured artist for September, and I think I've picked out October's artist, too. I'm also trying to fix my site, get caught up on e-mails and clean out the old framing room. It will be my son's bedroom and I'll still be using half of it for work but I don't need the whole thing to myself anymore.

Since I've been cleaning that room out I've found a number of things I'd like to get rid of. There's huge boxes of clear bags in sizes I don't use, old artwork that I don't make prints of anymore and haven't made prints of in years, and merchandise of the same variety, including mouse pads, key chains and greeting cards. I'll probably be auctioning off big packs of old stuff on Facebook this week. I don't think I will start today because it will take some time to get everything photographed. Look for that tomorrow!

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